Improved xkbbell Support? (fwd)

Porcelain Mouse porcelain_mouse at
Thu Dec 16 20:21:58 CET 2010

Hello Xfce4 Developers,

 	Thanks for making my favorite window manager and desktop environment.

 	The current implementation of the Xfce desktop on Fedora lacks 
out-of-the-box support for the xkbbell events I've come to depend on over 
many years.  From what I gather, this is mostly a side effect of the 
switch to PulseAudio.  Ubuntu seems to be using the x11 modules for 
PulseAudio, but the Fedora maintainers and the PulseAudio maintainers say 
this is a terrible idea.  I've reported the problem to Fedora bugzilla, 
but my bug has already been passed from the Xfce group to the pa group and 
now to the KDE group and I get the feeling it may not work out very well.
 	Considering the trend to PulseAudio and the absence of PC speakers 
in many modern systems, are there plans to provided improved support for 
xkbbell events in Xfce?  Specifically, I'm asking that xkbbell be mapped 
into the event sound scheme so it can be handled and configured like all 
the other sounds that already work with PulseAudio.  Is this or an 
alternative solution being considered?

Thank you,

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