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Wed Apr 21 20:42:18 CEST 2010

Nick Schermer wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 5:49 PM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at> wrote:
>> Hello all Xfce developers and enthusiastics!
>> I'm sending this mail referring to the bug I just filed [1] and the
>> conversation with Jerome some days ago at #xfce-dev. The bug description
>> pretty much describes what I'd like and why. I also heard/remember this
>> has been discussed earlier.
>> What do you think of dropping the option?
>> The reason why I originally started asking about this (again) is that we
>> continuously have people with no panels. The most probable reason is
>> that their panel has crashed for a reason or another (more on this in
>> the next <p>), the panic and log out and the panel remains closed, and
>> when they log back in, it's not even trying to start since they've saved
>> the session with no panel.
>> I also have an idea how to investigate what are the reasons why the
>> panel crashes in the first place. (Especially Nick, tell me if it's
>> sensible to do this;) In Xubuntu Lucid+1 pre-Alpha/Alpha/Beta releases
>> we could "attach xfce4-panel to gdb" (I have no idea what this actually
>> means, I was told you can debug panel this way) and try to gather
>> information. We could instruct our testers to especially try to crash
>> the panel and act when the panel (maybe) crashes. Xubuntu, and I think
>> Xfce as well, would definitely benefit from this kind of testing, if the
>> data would solve at least some of the panel crashing cases.
> Well attaching gdb to the panel is terrible for performance (your are
> hit 2 times: first because you have to compile with debugging to get
> decent backtraces and even more because gdb slows down the app because
> of all the logging).
Okay, I asked for the performance stuff from Jerome, but he really
couldn't say much. This is of course bad thing.
> The old panel was kinda hard to debug (well, had no decent internal
> checking) and never restarted plugins, this will change for 4.8 which
> is written in a more gobject style (with a ton of type checking and
> debugging, which is only active when compiled with debugging) and
> crashing plugins are automatically restarted (when last restart was
> more then 60 seconds ago) without intervention of the user. If the
> panel crashes, xfce4-session should bring it back again. So unexpected
> panel exits should occur a lot less in 4.8 (yes, I can still use some
> more test users!).
I hope 4.8 is out soon then ;)

Plugins not restarting hasn't been the bigger problem, but panel not
restarting (even if I think some of the users have waited long enough so
the panel should have been restarted). :(
> About the save-session option: I'm not really bothered by it, but what
> we could do is make a configure option (in dialog or hidden setting).
> Distros can set this option to false through by using a 'default'
> xfconf template (installed in /etc/xdg/...).
That sounds pretty neat. Would it be possible to get this to pre-4.8
panel? /me blinks eyes ;]
> Nick
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