Wrapping the panel

Bo Lorentsen bl at lue.dk
Tue Sep 8 15:22:00 CEST 2009

Mike Massonnet wrote
> As you might understand there is no direct class instantiation or
> inheritance here, neither for real GObjects as they are simply
> "aliased" or the like.
Ok, that is another way to bind than C++ (or at leased XFC ot Gtkmm for 
that matter).

XFC follows the GTK+ inherit tree strictly, just to repeat myself :-)
> I had suggest to build the sample plugin which is available at
> git.xfce.org. But as you mentioned, if you are going to support 4.8,
> you will just have to subclass the XfcePanelPlugin object.
I think this would be the best solution, and as 4.8 is well planed it 
may be a nice milestone for me too. XFC will have its first Xfce 
meaningful integration when 4.8 releases :-)


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