Wrapping the panel

Bo Lorentsen bl at lue.dk
Tue Sep 8 08:47:21 CEST 2009

Nick Schermer wrote:
>> Hmm, the XfcePanelPlugin don't seem like a interface to me, and technically
>> a pure interface can't have signals nor properties.
> Yes i can have that, using a base.
I think there are something in the design I don't quite understand then.

XfcePanelPlugin is an empty structure, XfcePanelPluginInterface is a 
real GInterface, I can handle that :-)

When you refere to a XfcePanelPlugin pointer, it seems to me like you 
just convert it to a XfceExternalPanelPlugin (or internal), and only 
uses the XfcePanelPlugin pointer as a typed void pointer :-) But again 
... I may be mistaken, I just try to understand the structure.
> No, 4.6. In 4.8 it's called the XfcePanelPluginProvider iface, but you
> don't have to do anything with those since they are not public api.
Ok, I can handle nothing ... :-)
> Me? Docs? Think twice ;-).
Ups, sorry ... my mistake :-)

Then ... when will we have the first real xfce4-panel structure ready 
for 4.8 in git (I guess you like me to just read the code) ?
> 4.8 looks like this (compiled as a library):
> GtkEventBox
>     XfcePanelPlugin
>         UserPlugin
> Internal/external is defined in the .deskop file of the plugin. If the
> plugin is external the panel will start the plugin in a wrapper
> application which is a GtkPlug with dbus communication to the panel.
In GTK+ terms this would look like this :

struct _XfcePanelPlugin
    GtkEventBox parent;
typedef struct _XfcePanelPlugin XfcePanelPlugin;

and if so ... am i correct in assuming this is not the code in git, just 
yet ?
> Everything is legal and implemented as it should be (tm), just a bit
> more complicated then it will be in 4.8.
I take your word for it :-)


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