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> Hi All,
> I saw that the FOSDEM site was updated with calls for participation
> and calls for lightning talks today, and thought I would pass info
> along to the mailing list.
> FOSDEM has always seemed like a neat conference to me, so there's a
> chance that I will attend if a good number of other Xfce folks will be
> there.

You're quick! But yeah, FOSDEM dates have been announced and it would be
cool to repeat the success of this year where we had 10+ people there
and gave two talks in the cross desktop room. 

I haven't thought about anything in particular yet but I suppose that
the room situation won't be better than last year. So, I'm hoping for a
cross desktop room again and maybe we can give a 2009 wrapup and 2010
preview talk. Our feature freeze is on 2010-02-01 which means that at
FOSDEM we should be able to present what Xfce 4.8 will look like.

Not sure if we should apply for a booth. We didn't do that last time at
least. AFAIK we don't have any material either. However, Mark, Enrico
and Christian are planning to have an Xfce booth at the OpenRheinRuhr in
November, so we might be able to reuse some of their material. Xubuntu
and other CDs would be cool as well. Dunno. 

I've created a 2010 event page with a FOSDEM section here:

Would be cool if everyone who's planning to come added his name to the
list (like I just did because I'd really love to go). Whoever has
ideas for the booth or for talks, feel free add them to the page as

Alright, that's only a quick summary of my thoughts. 

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