git conversion status update

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed May 27 00:23:26 CEST 2009

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> On Tue, 26 May 2009 11:55:59 -0700
> "Brian J. Tarricone" <brian at> wrote:
>> 2.  I have a fine-grained commit permissions script "done."  I'm not 
>> sure if it really works beyond some minimal testing.  I'm pretty sure
>> I missed some corner cases, so I need to play around with this some
>> more.
> Awesome. Can't we set up test repositories to test all the new
> infrastructure bits like the hook scripts, transifex?

No, because I don't have any permissions config files done.  And 
thinking about it a bit more, I don't like the format I came up with 
(it's very similar to svnperms.conf), so some changes are in order.

>> 7.  Commit messages from svn will have "(Old svn revision: #####)" 
>> appended to them.
> Why not just "(SVN revision: #####)" which is a little less noise? No
> strong opinion here.

Eh, my rationale was that "SVN revision:" makes it look like we have 
some weird ongoing svn-git revision mapping, which of course we don't. 
Really, it doesn't matter.  I'm not inclined to change it.

> I have all transifex modules ready an I even have a working test setup
> installed locally. But somehow easy_install is badly broken so that
> installing one of them makes the others inaccessible from Python (by
> overwriting easy-install.pth cache file or something). I'll try to sort
> that out and then we could install them on mocha and point them to Xfce
> test repositories. The modules are already part of moonbase, even
> though they are a bit broken right now.

Cool!  It's a shame they aren't working right.  I have a couple python 
modules in zlocal on mocha that I made to get damned-lies set up (which 
never worked)... they seemed to install properly; maybe you could give 
that a look?  I don't remember if I used easy_install or not.


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