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(sorry for dual answer)

On mar, 2009-05-05 at 00:37 +0200, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> Both, AsciiDoc and reST are relatively simple and easy to learn. That's
> why I think the "requires you too look up markup definition" part is
> not really important here. If you need a reference card, here's one for
> reST:

Here's the one for asciidoc: (seems to lag at the moment)

> That leaves us with less typing and better-to-read sources of reST. 

Hmhm, is pretty readable
to me.
> Another important aspect is the generated HTML. Sphinx includes a
> template system, and its output includes features such as search, view
> reST sources etc. Especially the template and design stuff doesn't have
> to be copied for each language, it could reside in a global
> source directory. It's very flexible and powerful and I really like it.

Templates for the various backends are in /etc/asciidoc or .asciidoc or
the current folder. I think you can choose the config file from command
line. You have some common options for all backends and some specific
configurations files. All in all I found it really easy to use and tune.

In fact, the only real drawback I (in my day to day use) find in
asciidoc is the tables. It changed recently so it's now really powerful,
but it might be a little complicated. I don't really know about reST
tables though.

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