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Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Thu Mar 19 12:07:22 CET 2009

Le Thu, 19 Mar 2009 11:50:33 +0100,
Ali Abdallah <aliov at> a écrit :

> Mike Massonnet wrote:
> > Hi Ali,
> >
> > I guess it is because goodies don't have any dependencies and don't
> > need to be installed as a "group", while this makes more sense for
> > the Xfce desktop environment.
> >
> > I wouldn't suggest to checkout by using modules/trunk (even for the
> > Xfce repository), so I'm of the advise of not giving any further
> > thoughts to this. If you have good reasons to have it, I can help
> > setting it up.
> I have almost all the goodies installed on my system, this morning i 
> wanted to checkout all the goodies and put them in one "svn"
> directory, i couldn't, unless i have to check out every goody, i
> think it is a good idea to have it.

Hem all goodies, that's quite a lot. Do you really use them all? I have
12 extra programs (some from goodies, from git and terminal from
xfce) :-)

What do you think about scripting it on your side? For instance a
simple alias svn-up-goodies='find ./ -type d -name .svn -prune -exec
svn up -N {}/.. \;'. Of course this doesn't work to get the new
projects, so you had to checkout them apart in your goodies directory,
but would this suffice?


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