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samuel samuel.verstraete at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 08:59:51 CET 2009

after doing even more research and asking our IT departement I now
know that Kingston certifies their memory to work guaranteed with HP
models...  Problem is of course that those "certified" modules costs
slightly more. Don't know if it's worth it but it might be good to
check if we can find it somewhere...

The module number you should be looking for is : KTH-XW9400K2/4G
As you can see on this link [1] Kingston guarantees it will work with
the Proliant DL145 G3. I have found one shop in .nl where they sell it
but the shops prices are way off reality (not of just for this
Anyway I think if we can find these modules for a reasonable price it
might be worth buying them anywhere on this planet as Kingston
themselves guarantee they will work and they come with a lifetime

[1] http://www.ec.kingston.com/ecom/configurator_new/partsinfo.asp?root=us&LinkBack=http://www.kingston.com&ktcpartno=KTH-XW9400K2/4G-G

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