Thunar documentation

Lars Christian Jensen lars at
Sun Mar 8 09:46:57 CET 2009


I am translating the Thunar documentation into the danish language. I've come
across a few typos (that's what I think they are anyway). I've first tried
writing to but got a mail back telling me that i was not
permitted to write to that address. I also tried filing a bug report  
Here are the lines that's giving me some trouble:

Line 606
"When you open a new window, the is displayed in the view that you select."
- There seems to be missing a word after "the".

Line 498
If the Windows emulator <ulink type=\"http\"  
url=\"\">WINE</ulink> is installed on your  
system, the auto-run mechanism will also try to run  
<filename>autorun.exe</filename> files using WINE.

I believe Wine i spelled with only one capital letter.

Line 634
"Select this options to place the icon captions for items in the icon view
beside the icon rather than under the icon."
- Wouldn't it be more correct to write:

"Select this option...." ?

Line 676
"Single click to active items"

Should that be:

"Single click to activate items" ?

Sincerely Lars Jensen

Mvh. Lars Christian Jensen

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