No icon theme in 4.6?

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Mar 1 14:10:05 CET 2009

Olivier Fourdan wrote:

> I build from svn so I did not notice until now... But there is no
> xfce4-icon theme in 4.6 packages. And with a plain default install (rm
> -Rf .config .cache) panel icons are empty, desktop and thunar icons
> are all the plain ugly default icon, ie the desktop is unusable as
> is...

I used xfce4-icon-theme 4.4.3 and gnome-icon-theme 2.24.0 in MacPorts.
(mostly because I thought the GNOME icons looked better than the Tango)

As a side effect, it gets the "Green Guy" logout icon instead of "I/O".
Patched the panel icons to use the generic icons instead of application.

Now upgraded to Xfce 4.6.0 release


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