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Josh Saddler nightmorph at
Sun Jun 21 03:33:37 CEST 2009

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>   - Another big change: thumbnails are now requested from a D-Bus
>     service. An implementation of this service is Tumbler
>     ( which I wrote in the last 1.5
>     months and which will see a release soon. I know this is a
>     controversial decision. 

Why's this controversial? Because of speed/performance issues, requiring
more dependencies to be built & installed, or something else? Please
elaborate. :)

>   - If GVfs is installed, Thunar can browse/open files over
>     and possibly more (like gphoto).

What about, say, obex://? I know nautilus can do this, but I'm not clear
on whether or not it does that with gvfs, or with gnome-vfs-obexftp or
something similarly deprecated.

>   - GIO itself has no volume management feature. This is provided by
>     GVfs in the form of a HAL volume monitor. The problem is, GVfs
>     depends on GConf and gnome-keyring. While gnome-keyring is really
>     useful, GConf is something we probably don't want. In their Git
>     repository, GVfs even depends on gnome-disk-utils because they
>     decided to use that instead of directly talking to DeviceKit-disks.

Disagree. gnome-keyring is not useful for all of us, especially those of
us who, like me, do not want any trace of Gnome on their systems. Having
gnome-keyring pulls in lots of Gnome dependencies, which means a lot of
bloatware I have to compile and install, and then not use at all . . .
as I don't have encrypted volumes.

A non-Gnome solution is a necessity, thanks. :)

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