Libxfce4ui api review, round 2

Brian J. Tarricone brian at
Sat Jul 11 21:02:12 CEST 2009

On 2009/07/11 05:44, Mike Massonnet wrote:
> 2009/7/11 Nick Schermer<nickschermer at>:
>> Maybe another worthy addition could be an implementation for
>> xselection checking for single instance applications. I think we use
>> this here and there...
> How about hard-depending on libunique?

Yes, I'd prefer this too.

And gdk already has functions for sending client messages (there's 
actually a special client message variant of gdk_event_send()).

We can always drop the libunique dep when gtk has similar functionality.

(Note that I'd advocate the apps depending on libunique, not making 
libxfce4ui depend on it.)

Although, really, the current code for this in the apps seems to work 
just fine, so there's no need to replace it.  Could just leave it alone 
until gtk's libunique-ish stuff lands.  New apps that require this 
functionality can either copy/paste, or just use libunique.


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