Ristretto 1.0 - Functional Requirements (1/3)

Rain Viigipuu rain.viigipuu at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 17:49:48 CEST 2009


How about deleting an image? I've found this as a major shortcoming of
Ristretto, that while watching a set of photos, I can't delete some of
them right away.

I noticed that there is an icon which could look like an delete icon
in mockup section, so maybe it is already planned / existing feature,
but at least in version 0.0.22 there isn't (which I do have in Arch

The other feature that could be very useful, is sorting / grouping
images by date - like Google Picasa does it. If I remember correctly,
DigiKam does something similar  - it can show images in calendar view.
I can pick a day and see which images are taken in that day. I'm not
reallt sure how it should be implemented at the moment - Picasa does
index the images before and DigiKam needs to import images aswell
before - but if the feature is considered worth implementing, then I
hope we can think up some nice way to that.

best regards
Rain Viigipuu

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