4.6.1 release process proposal

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at xfce.org
Fri Jan 16 18:53:09 CET 2009


sorry for not replying to any of the other mails in the thread, but
my domains are currently broken and thus, these mails are not forwarded
to my server at the moment.

I totally agree with Brian. Creating tarballs in different environments
is not a problem at all. There's absolutely no reason to put all that
burden on one person. Each of our 4.6 releases so far took around three
days to prepare. Not full-time days, but days anyway. With three beta
releases plus two (maybe just one) release candidates and the final
release that makes 6*3 = 18 days. We kept Stephan busy for more than
two weeks! I agree, I'm exaggerating things here. But still, it
couldn't be worse for him as the person in charge.

While creating tarballs is not a problem in different environments,
compiling may be. A while ago I mentioned buildbot on blog.xfce.org.
Just recently, GNOME set up a buildbot environment on
http://build.gnome.org/ which looks very nice. The only issue - Brian
mentioned this - would be hardware and a person to set something like
this up.

Samuel has two 19" dual core opteron servers which he could spare. I
just talked to him and I'll ask one of the administrators at my
university about whether they'd be willing to house one of these
servers for this purpose. I'll report back to you guys next week.

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