4.6.1 release process proposal

Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Fri Jan 16 13:15:47 CET 2009

Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> On ven, 2009-01-16 at 09:13 +0530, Biju Chacko wrote:
>> 5. Release Manager verifies that all modules have been signed-off and 
>> executes an automated Release to:
>>         - Download Site
>>         - RPM Repo
>>         - APT Repo
> This is *my* job. Not their. We work together at release time (I usually
> commit my packaging as soon as the release is announced) when I'm
> available, but there's really no reason to add this to their burden.
> What the packagers (and everybody, in fact) need are good tarballs,
> that's all. No need to add packaging to their burden.

If packaging is automated, it's not particularly a burden. In any case, 
binary repos built by us are more useful for nightlies than releases. 
And obviously, until we have the infrastructure to build on various 
platforms it's moot anyway.

-- b

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