Xfce 4.6 BETA-3 (Tuco-Tuco) Released

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Thu Jan 15 22:13:13 CET 2009

Stephan Arts wrote:

> I am pleased to announce the release of Xfce 4.6 BETA-3.
> Just like with the previous BETA, this release comes with a lot of
> bugfixes but is not expected to be 100% stable. This is why we want to
> encourage you to test this release to it's limits and tell us what
> breaks.
> Ofcourse, as this is a development release, we do not advise anyone to
> use this on a production environment just yet.

I've updated my MacPorts "xfce" group from Beta 2 to Beta 3,
see http://trac.macports.org/wiki/Xfce for the port details...

Included the patch for "environ", as discussed previously:
http://trac.macports.org/changeset/45420 (patch-launcher-exec.c)

It should work on PureDarwin, as well as on Mac OS X with X11.
Also updated Midori from 0.1.0 to Midori 0.1.2, to go with it.


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