Tobias Kieslich tobias at
Sun Jan 11 21:39:58 CET 2009

Hi everyone,

	I could put that one into the bugtracker but then I'm not sure if it
is a bug or me being stupid. And the issue is hard to describe as well.

It happens in the workspace switcher in the panel. The panel is set to
autohide. When I try to move a window by drag and drop in the
workspace-switcher, there are three things that can happen:
1. I drag fast enogh before the panel autohides and the window gets
   moved to the other workspace
2. I wait until the the panel disappears and the and drag outside the
   panel area. Upon release the window just stays where it was.
3. I wait until the panel disappears and release where the panel
   switcher was before the panel went away. Upon release the window
	stays in the old workspace but the switcher is in a "weird" state.
	Here are the symtoms:
I can't click on the switcher, at least there is no swicthing workspaces
is triggered. When I click on a workspace the windows in it become semi
transparent (screenshot attached). I can still use the scrollwheel on it
though. Sometimes the miniature window that symbols the dragging sticks
around on the screen(screenshot). Usually, within 5 minutes the
situatiuon resolves itself and the switcher goes back to normal state.

I don't consider it a show blocker, just wanted to let you know.

gtk2-2.14.6, xfce 4.6 beta2, Intel X4500, xf86-video-intel-2.4.2,
compositor enabled.


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