Idea mockup - xftasklets

Colin Leroy colin at
Fri Feb 27 16:44:38 CET 2009

On 27 February 2009 at 07h02, David Mohr wrote:


> Smells like the need for a simple framework: xftasklets. Right now
> it's essentially a bash library which should help writing and
> executing these tasklets in a uniform manner. The same API could be
> implemented for other programming languages as well, but I think
> initially shell scripting will be enough for a great number of tasks.

Seems like a great idea! I use bash scripts with an icon in the panel
for helping my wife do some tasks automatically - like resize and
reencode camera videos to .flv then upload it to her site, etc.

I end up rewriting lots of boiler plate in each script (check for $1,
file existence, ...) and such a framework would simplify the

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