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On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 3:31 PM, David Mohr <squisher at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> curiously enough, the name request for comments is implying an already
> finished specification, but this email is about an idea I have which
> is not yet all fleshed out... So, to combat post release depression
> syndrome (tm), I give your brains something to munch on:
> Recently I spend way too much time helping my dad, who's a long time
> computer user, and to some degree even an advanced user. He wanted a
> way to easily resize some digital camera pictures so that he has an
> easier time uploading them to the web. It turns out that even though
> he started with computers back in the DOS days, he just can't use the
> command line by himself. After we were done, I was thinking that there
> has to be a way for users like him to perform simple common tasks,
> like resizing image files, easily. And I'm sure there are other simple
> tasks just like it, that a lot of GUI users would like to perform
> without having to go to the command line. Or lazy command line gods,
> who don't feel like looking up what kind of switches need to get used
> etc.
> Smells like the need for a simple framework: xftasklets. Right now
> it's essentially a bash library which should help writing and
> executing these tasklets in a uniform manner. The same API could be
> implemented for other programming languages as well, but I think
> initially shell scripting will be enough for a great number of tasks.
> Please have a look at:
> Checkout your local copy:
> git://
> And let me know what you think!
> ~David

Wow, very nice, I can definitely see me "writing" stuff using this. It's
really innovative - I love the idea of being able to drag files to an icon
on my panel to manipulate them, especially once you can drag the xftasklets
to the panel in 4.8 :).

I'd love it if this became reality ;-)
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