Working with branches after 4.6

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Feb 19 16:35:02 CET 2009

Developers (!),

Jannis had this nice point in his fosdem presentation that we should
work more in branches, esp. for large (project wide) changes so
trunk/master is not 'broken' for a long time and thus allowing us to
do releases more often/easy because the main branch is always in good
shape (the idea is good *wink*).
An important aspect of this is a vcs that does branching and merging
nicely and I think we more or less agree git is the way to go.

So... what is next? If we want to make this change it's probably not a
good idea to do this late in the 4.8 cycle.
I also heard rumours Brian wants a svn clone running along side? Why?
What to do with the goodies and archive?
What are the permission problems/limitations?
Anything else?

Let's get this ball rolling a bit to get a better idea (for all devs)
what's going on.


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