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Am Tue, 17 Feb 2009 12:54:26 +0000
schrieb Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at gmail.com>:

> > And this should not be done in xfce4-settings because right now the
> > DPI is reset whenever you enable the custom DPI checkox - which is
> > really annoying. It should only do that the first time but not
> > again and again.
> Well, anyway, here comes my patch.
> The tricky part is obviously if you have a multiscreen layout, which
> can screw up DPI calculation entirely,
> But then, the idea of having one single DPI for the whole display that
> can be made up of different monitors with different DPI each is wrong
> in the first place.
> To avoid the problem, the patch takes the smallest DPI value in X and
> Y. That will break if you have 2x2 multiscreen layout, but hey, we are
> talking about sane defaults here, not fixing the issue for all and any
> situation (this is why the setting is a settings, so ppl can adjust
> for the corner cases!)
> Anyway, I'd like to see this going forward, so either take that patch
> of commit your own and let's get rid of it, our inability to move
> forward is getting a bit frustrating.

Attached is a patch which includes your modifications plus it takes out
the DPI stuff added by Nick. It also allows values < 48 for the spin
button. Whenever you disable custom DPI, it's reset to -1 (so that
auto-detection is triggered) and whenever you enable it again, it's
left at -1. 

The downside is: your old custom DPI is still not remembered. There are
two solutions for this. 1) add a boolean value that triggers
auto-detected DPI instead of resetting the value to -1 or 2) remember
the last custom DPI value in another property outside the /Net and /Gtk
base property and restore it whenever custom DPI is enabled.

  - Jannis
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