still missing icons?!

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Feb 16 10:05:44 CET 2009

Landry Breuil wrote:

> Xfce4-icon-theme won't be updated to be fd.o compliant in time for  
> 4.6,
> i know stephan arts is working on it in a branch in svn, but it'll  
> be post-4.6.
> So yes, you'd better add a runtime dependency on tango or whatever  
> other
> fd.o icon theme (i don't know if there are that much others,  
> besides gnome
> icon theme)

I used the gnome-icon-theme for MacPorts, but I'm rather disappointed*
at the "Green Guy" icon that is being used for the "system-log-out"...

Illustration at

I patched xfce4-panel to use the generic icons instead of specifics,
and thinking of reverting the Quit action to use the old "I/O" icon...

s/web-browser/applications-internet/; s/Thunar/system-file-manager/


* not alone, see et al
   it qualifies in with the Windows "Start" menu for bad exit cues

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