xfwm4 patch - window workspace movement

Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Mon Feb 9 05:55:26 CET 2009

rootsuid wrote:
> This is my first patch submission to xfce, and I'm not really sure on
> the process (yes, even after some searching). So feel free to point me
> in a better direction.
> I did read about explicit copyrights, so: Copyright (C) 2009 The Xfce
> development team.

Unfortunately, there is no legal entity called "The Xfce Development 
Team" that you can use in this way.

In the past we've not been very particular about the way we've handled 
copyrights. Effectively, the Xfce copyright is owned by everybody who 
has ever contributed to it. I don't think there'd be any objection if 
you just submitted a patch that added your name to the Credits list -- 
which would implicitly add you as a copyright owner.

An explicit copyright assignment would be needed if you did not want to 
retain your rights. If you wanted to do that you could assign them to 
Olivier -- who is the maintainer of xfwm4.

-- b

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