Tumbler, Thunar and stuff

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at xfce.org
Mon Dec 7 20:19:20 CET 2009

Hey guys,

today I released tumbler 0.1.0 which includes all functionality that it
is supposed to have. I've been running it with Thunar for a while and
it seems to work very well. It has also been tested on Maemo 6 by
Philip a little bit, plus there are a few thumbnailers being written
for Tumbler and the Maemo platform already.

This is another step towards getting the first Thunar release with GIO
support out of the door. This is something that I expect to happen by
the end of the week or maybe the weekend. I'll probably port Benny's
JPEG thumbnailer to tumbler (as a plugin) before and maybe I'll write a
backwards-compatible plugin for ThunarVFS thumbnailer scripts as well
before the release. 

The first development release of Thunar will not include its own volume
monitor but that sort of thing will work with GVfs. I'm still planning
a HAL-based GIO volume monitor for 1.2.0 (Xfce 4.8) depending on the
free time I have (University keeps me busy these days).

BTW, sorry for not hanging around that much lately. I'm trying to keep
in touch and stay updated on the latest changes and hopefully I'll get
back to hacking very, very soon (I guess I *have* to for the Thunar
release anyway ;)).

Cheers and keep rocking,
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