Session Management

David Jagoe david.jagoe at
Sat Dec 5 23:08:30 CET 2009

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply,

> From: "Brian J. Tarricone" <brian at>
> Subject: Re: Session Management
> >
> > It seems
> > that the best way of implementing session management (actually I just
> > want to clean up application resources on logout) is to use libexo. 
> That depends on what you mean by "session management".  If all you
> care about is making sure your app gets started when the user logs
> in,
> just drop a .desktop file in the appropriate autostart directory.

Yup, I'm starting my app like that. Without hooking into to X11R6 session management (XSMP I guess) my app dies due to IO error when the X server shuts down. Normally I guess that doesn't really matter, but my app fires off some subprocesses that I need to terminate because they lock system resources.

> I don't think the exo python bindings are maintained, so you might be
> on your own with them.  You might try looking for another X11R6-SM
> client implemented in (or wrapped by) python; anything that speaks
> X11R6 SM should work with xfce4-session.

Thanks, I'll have a look round further and see what I can find.


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