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Thu Apr 23 14:36:36 CEST 2009

This, he wanted to say.

But the mirror I tested here and is up to you to create the url

The idea of creating a subdomain for the community is great future so
we need not create another subdomain to another country.

2009/4/23 Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at>:
> Hey,
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 08:47:04 -0300
> Thiago Avelino <thiagoavelinoster at> wrote:
>> As with the sarts and talked with the staff of the channel #xfce-dev
>> I'm documenting here in the list on the subject:
>> So we'll be doing this community of Xfce Brazil, with a sub-domain of
>>, eg
>> Thus we can be doing shirts for promotion, banners, we do install fest
>> on events here in Brazil and of course actively help in the
>> translation of Xfce pr_BR.
>> sarts then what do you think?
>> Like Gnome BR:
>> Speaking of mirror can be doing a mirror here in Brazil on a server
>> with 100Mb link.
>> This will help the people of Brazil update Xfce and even download
>> faster than Xfce.
>> What do you think of the idea?
> I think what Thiago tries to tell us here is that
>  1) The Brazilian community would like to have a platform on the web to
>     present itself and Xfce to Brazilians under the subdomain
>  2) They could also provide a Brazilian mirror for Xfce.
> Here are my opinions:
> 1)
> I'm not sure about the subdomain. To make it easier
> for other user communities to present themselves in their area, I'd
> rather suggest to create a subdomain or
> where we create subdirectories like
> or for
> different communities. Whether we put up a wiki or allow different URLs
> to be redirected somewhere else is another matter. We could also create
> a nice entry point on with blog, news and
> twitter aggregation for instance (this requires work though, so for now
> we could just make it a list of communities which use the platform).
> 2) Not sure we need another mirror, but if it's reliable I wouldn't
> mind. The mirror could have the subdomain then, just like
> for instance.
>  - Jannis
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