Renaming of Xfce components

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Apr 2 08:13:41 CEST 2009

2009/4/1 Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at>:
> Hey,
> we've been struggling to get our libraries and applications used
> outside Xfce in the past. The limited user base caused by this makes it
> especially difficult for us to attract new contributors.

*We* have another idea, why don't we rename Xfce to Gnome, it's sound catchy.

> In an IRC meeting we had yesterday we've decided to strip "xfce"
> from the names of some of our components and replace it with something
> more generic that doesn't prevent people from using the libraries.
> I've made a start last week already by announcing that libxfce4menu
> will be renamed to gdesktopmenu:
> Other renamings we have planned, all of which follow the "gtk", "glib",
> "gio", "gnio" naming style:
>  libxfce4util    => gutil
>  libxfcegui4     => gui
>  xfce4-session   => gsession
>  xfconf          => xdgconf (to emphasize that it should become the
>                              config system backed up by
>                              in the near future)
> I hope you all agree with me that this is once again a big step forward
> for Xfce as a whole. It underlines our urge to play a more important
> role in the cross desktop sector.

Pretty useless if you ask me, gnome/kde already have a session
manager, with different goals. We have xfce4-session, what's wrong
with that? I refuse to see how a different name makes the application
more core desktop and if it does, are there other desktops showing

For generic libraries (like xfce4menu, maybe xfce4util and 4ui), if
could agree here, but renaming other components that are core parts of
the Xfce desktop sound like a stupid idea resulting in a lot of work
for absolutely nothing.



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