Thank you for your help!

jesse r chaotic_focus at
Thu Sep 11 23:16:47 CEST 2008

nice X-max solved .... i never know there was Xfce stuff .... nice.. as for the donation idea .... people are more apt to donate if they have a reason to ..... like no offence to any one here ... i live in Canada and .... like most places that i know of  unless people see that that going to get something back out of giving .they won't ..cause  unfortuntly  most people are gready or just don't care about anything other then them selves  it's all i see here ... sometimes things need to be pushed ... not so pushed that it will turn them off ... but if you add this link into the first load of Xfce or as a bookmark .... people that use Xfce and like it may be more apt to buy things ... i'm not saing this is the right thing to do, or the way to go about it .... but with a little inganuttly people will buy things ... i'll think about this i've had some biz experance maybe i can can coume up with something .... it would sound like to me that .... there is not much donating happening .... and it could be A people don't know of it or B  that they don't find what there looking for ..could be other things to..... i know here thou.... that i've got 3 or 4 ppl to swich from Ubuntu to Xubuntu only because of the speed differance... everybody wants faster .. or so it seems .... ... which brings me back to why i joined .... Xfce has things that others don't ... like the right click menu ... mine you everytime i go off about the menu i get shut down or so it would seem ... the menu it's self is fine yes it works but .... I feel that it should be more easy customized ... what my plan was .... i wantted to add a buch of cheak boxes with extra opption ... like for instace adding in a scan feature to look for exec files and adding them into the menu with out have to do it by hand ... or a complealy reconfigurble menu ... more easily i've only been using Xfce for hmm 2 monthes i can't remember all the things i had planed to do to the menu off hand i've got them of paper somewhere ... i'm not saing to push for it for 4.6 ... some seem to think thats what i ment .... i don't know c well enough yet for that to work and i was planing on doing the coding my self. if i was rich i'd just donate 10,000 to the project but i'm not so instead i decided to join up and do what i can ..... and soon very soon ..... probally beable to finish this book hopefully by ... nov ... then i'll start coding ...... well i'm coding now but usless stuff this book has me do ....

but i got to head to work now .... and i'll think about this donation thing and see if i can't come up with something that will work and not be a nusence to people ...

Namaste All
Jesse R.

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> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 8:35 AM, Enrico Tröger  wrote:
> > Haha.
> >
> > Maybe it's time to rethink about a donation system for Xfce?
> >
> > I think there are more people who want to give something back and might
> > be some of them want to do this by donating some money.
> > But on there is nothing mentioned about all this and so people
> > probably won't donate.
> Most people probably don't know, but Oliver "owns"
> already.
> So just start buying, millions of shirts and caps :)
> >
> > Regards,
> > Enrico
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