Stephan Arts stephan at
Sun Sep 7 23:46:22 CEST 2008

Hi Guys,

I started working on a wiki-page[0] where we can develop our
release-notes. With all the new features, explainations about what the
new components do and all the great new stuff we can do with xfce 4.6.
Together with the release-notes for each-release, with known-issues,
bugfixes etc...

I'd really appreciate it if you want to help fill it in with
additional info. Then it can become a source of inspiration for the
new tour, faq and other documentation for xfce 4.6.

4.4 did without real docs, but with 4.6 we can't afford to do that.
Too much has changed under the hood, and too much has changed on the
surface. If we want to be able to focus on 4.8 after we released 4.6.0
later this year, we need to get a decent knowledge base for new (and
regular) users to turn to.

I hope you like what I started and want to help complete it. :-)



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