XfceKiosk in 4.6

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 9 02:29:06 CEST 2008

Hey all,

I was thinking about XfceKiosk a bit -- do we want to deprecate it as of 
4.6?  On one hand, we have xfconf property locking now, but there might 
still be some cases where XfceKiosk could be useful, like in panel 
plugins, for example, that still use XfceRc files for settings.

Of course, even those could be made to use xfconf in some way, but the 
kiosk system works not just on settings, but on "actions" as well.  For 
example, allowing the user to edit a launcher, there might be a 
CustomizeLauncher capability in XfceKiosk.  The only useful way to 
duplicate that in xfconf would be to add some property, say 
/kiosk/allow-customize-launcher, set it to... well, anything... and then 
set up the locking so the launcher could check property locking on it to 
decide if it's allowed to override it.  Kinda a kludge.

Any thoughts on this in general?  I'd like to avoid having two separate 
lockdown frameworks.  Either way, I think I'd vote to deprecate in 4.6, 
and figure out a way to integrate it more usefully in xfconf.


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