Projects in xfce repos, ehm...

Tim Tassonis timtas at
Fri Nov 21 11:04:21 CET 2008

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> On Nov 21, 2008, at 00:02 , Christian Dywan wrote:
>> Core: Components one needs in order to run a system in a useful way.
>> That includes roughly panels, window manager, whatever xfdesktop is,
>> the various settings applications, power management.
>> ^^ All of those should be stable. For instance, if the powermanager
>> isn't stable, I'd rather not see it there until it is.
>> Apps: Applications that are useful, that really many Xfce users would
>> use, but that are essentially replaceable. Such as terminal, file
>> manager, editor, archiver, image viewer, media player.
>> ^^ Thunar is a special one: it cannot practically be independant from
>> Core, but semantically for me it should be.
>> Goodies: All the rest kind of, things that are useful but not regularly
>> maintained, somewhat specialized, unstable.
> I haven't done anything in Xfce recently, but you'll get my 2cents anyway:
> This kind of stupid discussion repeats approx. once per year, and its 
> always the same arguments pro and con. Given that Xfce still attempts to 
> deliver a desktop environment and not only a window manager with nice 
> buttons to start applications, it's really nonsense to talk about 
> defining "core" w/o applications like the file manager, editor, 
> terminal, image viewer, etc. A default install of Xfce should give you 
> anything you need to get started and this "default install" should be 
> represented in a common repository (and bug tracker, etc.) so that 
> people who want to get involved (few enough already) don't get 
> frustrated having to look up the source for these essential components 
> first (no matter if they want to contribute code, documentation, 
> translations, or whatever). If someone wants to replace application A 
> with application B, he/she can do this later, but this is a special 
> case; the majority of people (including myself, not just newbs as 
> someone will surely attempt to argue) just want a working desktop 
> environment, with file manager, editor and terminal at least!

Seconded. I also still have this notion that a desktop environment 
should include a working file manager, a simple editor and a decent 
Terminal application. If it doesn't, it isn't a desktop enviroment to 
me, but rather a window manager with some utilities. Whether they are 
replaceable is irrelevant.

I'd also include ristretto in core, as viewing images is a quite 
essential feature for many users and they usually don't want to start 
thinking about the choice of a simple image viewer, just to look at some 
photograph they got.


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