Xfce 4.6 Beta 2 on FreeBSD

David Mohr squisher at xfce.org
Thu Nov 20 17:29:52 CET 2008

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 3:36 AM, Oliver Lehmann <lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone writes:
>> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 20:31:10 +0100 Oliver Lehmann wrote:
>>> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>> > > - reboot and/or shutdown does not work, instead of the expected
>>> > > result, xfce4 is just closing and prior to finishing the closing,
>>> > > an empty messaging box is shown w/o a windowmanager frame,
>>> > > showing a red stop-sign with no text and just an OK button.
>>> > > Weird, please file a bug for this against xfce4-session.  I'm
>>> > mainly interested in the issue with the useless error message.  I
>>> > consider the sudo helper unmaintained and I don't really care to
>>> > improve it.  (Yes, I know, not every OS out there has HAL, but I
>>> > don't have the time or inclination to maintain the sudo helper.
>>> > That doesn't mean I won't accept patches for it, though.)
>>> maybe the logoff dialog is not using the helper at all - FreeBSD has
>>> HAL support and it is installed (and hald is running). How can I find
>>> out if HAL or the helper is used before filling a bug report?
>> Console output.  xfce4-session will print a message about using HAL
>> support if it can.
> ** Message: xfsm-shutdown-helper.c:268: Using HAL to shutdown/reboot the
> computer.
> gets displayed - but I thought the helper is unmaintained?
> I'll file a bug report later today....

Brian said that the sudo helper is unmaintained. HAL-based shutdown is
brand new in 4.6.


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