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Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Sat Nov 15 13:40:13 CET 2008

Hey guys,

4.6 beta2 is out the door - let's do some thinking about taking
part in FOSDEM 2009. Personally, I'd be happy to attend and it should
be no problem for me at all.

If enough people show their interest, do we want to apply for a
developer room and do some talks about Xfce 4.6 (retrospectively) and
4.8 (involving brainstorming together)? We still have a few days to
apply for one and I think it would be cool to do that.

This raises the question what kind of talks we could do. Here's what I
think might be worth a talk:

- Introducing Xfce (what is it? how has it evolved over the years?
  who's Xfce? how is it shipped? etc.)

Covering 4.6
(The ideas below are somewhat inspired by

- Introducing 4.6 (overview over new features and changes since 4.4)

For developers
- Xfconf
- Xfce as a platform (overview over the libraries and usage examples
  e.g. for libxfce4menu)
- Extending Xfce (covering Thunar and panel plugins)
- Xfce for third parties

For users
- Customizing Xfce (maybe in parallel with a live demonstration;
  including xfconf-query and xfce4-settings-editor)

Covering 4.8
- Feature preview
- Brainstorming sessions on certain topics (not really a "talk")
- Xfce release management (how has it evolved, how did it work in 4.6,
  what and how can things be improved, what's the release plan for

Considering that many of us live in Western Europe quite close to
Belgium I'm really optimistic that we can make this happen. So ... what
do you think?

  - Jannis
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