Xfce4 power manager 0.6.0 RC1 released

Christian Dywan christian at twotoasts.de
Fri Nov 7 00:31:48 CET 2008

Am Thu, 06 Nov 2008 19:56:17 +0100
schrieb Ali Abdallah <aliov at xfce.org>:

> Hi all,
> I just released the RC1 of version 0.6.0.
> http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/xfce4-power-manager
> Changes:
> 1)-Better UI
> 2)-Support for pluggable window settings.
> 3)-Fix a bug when the panel is hidden.
> 4)-Better notification support for batteries.
> 5)-Translations
>  update finnish.
>  added brazilian,dutch,indonesian.

Hey Ali,

I like your power manager, and let me say you did a good job there. I
installed it earlier today. Allow me to pose a few questions:

1. Would you please use standard icon names for display, cpu and
keyboard? I'm thinking of video-display, input-keyboard and cpu.

2. I'm seeing "Power" in my Settings now. Intuitively I would have
expected something like "Power saving". Would you consider changing
that string?

3. I'm seeing radio buttons labelled with cpu governour names. I wonder
if it is all that helpful, as opposed to describing strings. I would
think it would make it more understandable to less knowledgable
users and still be obvious enough for those who do know.
^^ Granted, others might see that different.

4. I have the label from the battery monitor beside the icon of the
power manager now, because I really need either a time or a percentage
value to see how close my battery is to being empty. What about a
second system tray icon, that renders text? I'm not 100% sure how good
that would work out, but it might be nice.

5. I can't use the Power saving options from the Settings manager, I'm
seeing something like this:

Failed to run "xfce4-power-manager -c"

I'm going to update my copy of the Xfce core Friday evening, to make
sure it's not an issue on my end. I will report back if it works after


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