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Sun Nov 2 14:35:28 CET 2008

Am Sun, 02 Nov 2008 14:29:21 +0100
schrieb Ali Abdallah <aliov at xfce.org>:

> Hi,
> In the roadmap, concerning xfce4-menueditor (TODO for 4.6: Old menu 
> editor does not work with new fd.o menu system. Can make use of
> existing GUI; needs backend rewrite). is somebody working on this ?
> if not, i'm wishing to, please provide me more details, specially
> concerning the "new fd.o menu system".

No, there will be no menu editor in 4.6. libxfce4menu is what we use
for building fd.o compliant menus nowadays. Right now it supports a
subset of the menu specification. It will probably be feature-complete
in 4.8. 

A menu editor for the specification could use libxfce4menu to build the
menu structure. But since libxfce4menu is only for reading, not for
writing, the editor would have to implement all possible modifications
to the menu structure on its own.

Nobody has started to work on that and we're way behind feature freeze
already, so this is not going to happen for 4.6. The editor could be
developed as a goodie though, so it's release cycle would be
independent of the core Xfce.

  - Jannis
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