Things I'd like to get done for beta2

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Sat Nov 1 13:33:23 CET 2008

Am Thu, 30 Oct 2008 20:03:56 +0100
schrieb Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at>:

> Hey guys,
> this is a list of things that -- as the subject of this mail already
> suggests -- I'd like to see finished before beta 2. I'll start working
> on them *now* but I'd be happy to see others join me.
> 1. Window manager shortcuts. (Olivier and I are already working on
>    this. I expect them to be ready in time.)


> 2. Use generic names/titles in all settings dialogs and settings menu
>    items. Instead of things like "Xfce Settings Manager" or "Xfce4
> Mouse Settings" or "Mouse Settings" use "Preferences" (or "Settings")
> or "Mouse". Due to the context (all these dialogs are part of the
>    settings menu and show up inside the settings manager), they don't
>    need to have that "Settings" suffix, I think.

Done, except for notification-daemon-xfce (which is not part of core
Xfce anyway).

> 3. Rework strings in all core components. Fix typos, improve grammar,
>    remove ambiguous expressions. Simplify strings and improve
>    consistency where it makes sense.

Needs more work.

> 4. Add X-XfcePluggable and X-XfceHelpFile support to all settings
>    dialogs. How important are the docs at this point? If I remember
>    correctly, they need to be translated. I guess we'll have to add a
>    string freeze exception for the docs because a lot of the new
>    components (xfce4-settings, xfconf, xfce4-mixer etc.) don't have
> any end-user documentation at all.

This needs more work. Unlikely to be finished or even started with
before beta2, so let's make this a string-freeze exception. Opinions

  - Jannis
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