Adding libglade as a dep for libxfcegui4.

Stephan Arts stephan at
Fri May 9 23:13:43 CEST 2008

I have written a patch for libxfcegui4. Adding libglade as a hard-dep
for libxfcegui4.

Using glade for the settings-dialogs will reduce the
programming-efford required to build the gui.
When looking at the settings-dialogs for most of the core modules of
xfce 4.4, they seems they don't get quite as much attention as the
rest of xfce. They are under appreciated so to speak. Using glade for
this in the future should help reduce this problem in the future.

Because you don't (normally) spend your entire day modifying your
settings, you usually do that a couple of times the first day. And
maybe once or twice later-on. Using libglade to build the gui is not
efford-free when compared to a hard-coded interface. And I wouldn't
really use it for stuff which is used very often. But for
settings-dialogs, I think it is an ideal solution.

libxfcegui4 is equipped with a module and catalogue for libglade and
glade. But when libglade is used for the settings-dialogs, it is going
to be impossible to use the libxfcegui4-components without the
installed module.

What do you think?

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