GSoC: xfburn

David Mohr damailings at
Thu Mar 6 22:31:02 CET 2008

Hi everyone,
I'd like to participate in Google's summer of code and work on xfburn.
I'm not much of a GUI programmer so far, so I expect to take some time
to get up to speed on working on the interface, but other than that I
think I'm a decent C programmer, and I have some limited experience
with glib and gtk already.

I saw an entry about xfburn on the ideas page on the wiki, and I agree
with those goals. Getting xfburn ported to the new libisofs is already
pretty much done. Other than that, xfburn right now is not very
feature complete, so obviously the first goal would be to get dvd and
audio cd burning implemented.

Burning dvds is actually not much different from burning cds with
libburn, so here the changes are mostly needed in the GUI.

Thinking about burning audio cds I had an idea that I'd like to get
some comments on:
What if we would implement a general interface which processes files
as they are added to the project. So in case of an audio cd project,
the audio input would get transformed to wav-audio which can then get
burned to the cd. If this was implemented flexible enough, then we
could do some neat things like:
 - MP3 CD project: encode all audio to MP3 and then burn (think of
lossless music collections)
 - Database of backed-up files: keep track of what files were ever
burned so that one knows what files have been backed up previously
 - Who knows, maybe even burn video dvds at some point

I'm not sure what to call this interface, possibly a 'processor',
because it does some work on the files, but does not necessarily
change them (as in the backup database case).

So basically a processor would consume one files, and either pass them
through, pass on a modified version, or do nothing until more files
have been added.

What do you all think?


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