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> _/Panel Manager / items / Launcher_
> In a Program Launcher Make it easy to add items :
> -query Appfinder to add an apllication
> -qwerty Filemanager to choose a file or a folder
> - query the "Add items to panel" to add screenshots-notes or others OR
> Drag &Drop from another panel (implying further possibility to have
> multiple drawers like "Program Launcher" icons (that could also be
> changed by drag&drop in the preferences)
> _
> /Panel Manager / items / IconBox
> _For ease of navigation-walking infront-openning windows :
> -add a configuralble hotkey to move the "mouse-keyboard" focus to the
> iconbox panel > Left-Right Keys move the upcomming app to front Up&Down
> Reduce Or Magnify size : *i.e. alt-tab is the hotkey , once pressed >
> Left brings the left window to top , double it or tripple > move to that
> window > space or any key to remove focus from the iconbox(could also be
> used into "Task List3*
> -add a tick into the prefereces to rearrange windows to see them all on
> the screen (like Frontrow for the one who knows but being able to keep
> this windows visualisation), Other Visualisation of multiple windows
> presets such as pile of windows or fill the screen with all windows
> exists ( could be implemented to this icon too) but i dislike them for
> their lack of flexibility and ease of view :
> 1-clicking the front row-like or hiiting a hotkey, mixes all the windows
> resizes them & leaves a space(background) in between each of them.
> 2 - the focus could swich back to one window OR  clicking on a window
> thicks it  > thick another one > hit any key or click the
> ("reelevation"OR"facade") button again >  the ticked windows  are
> rearranged on the screeen without overlapping them selves & with some
> space in between: *i.e. click the button >tick a file manager window,
> tick a second > click the button > two windows are on the scree one left
> one right OR one up-ddown *(this could even make moving a window 
> obsolete)_
> /Panel Manager/Customize_
> select transparency - colors of panels (each-all) - colors of
> interactions (selected - minimized - reduced )
> Hope you enjoyed reading this first contributions of mine.

Hm... the list reads interesting. Was this implemented somewhere or is this 
a wishlist?


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