libxfcegui4 install error without gladeui

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at
Sat Jun 28 09:44:57 CEST 2008

On Fri, 27 Jun 2008 15:16:46 -0700, "Brian J. Tarricone"
<bjt23 at> wrote:

> > Then we need to fix the path for the library.
> > According to,
> > GLADE_MODULE_PATH should work, on my system it doesn't or I didn't
> > set it correctly (tried %prefix, %prefix/lib, %prefix/lib/libglade,
> > % prefix/lib/libglade/2.0 and prefix/lib/libglade/2.0/
> I think GLADE_MODULE_PATH is for the glade GUI editor, not libglade. 

As I told, I'm not familar with libglade at all.

> that works for libglade.  But: for a root install, we always want to
> install to a location that libglade will *automatically* pick up with
> no extra user configuration.

Of course, default things should always keep default :D.

> > Another possibility according to above mentioned documentation
> > could be to set the library path in glade/ like
> > 
> > <library>%prefix/lib/libglade/2.0/</library>
> > 
> > But this file seems to be not (yet) be used at all? Maybe I'm
> > missing something, I don't have any real clue about this libglade
> > stuff at all.
> The xml catalog is only installed for the glade GUI editor; has
> nothing to do with libglade (and indeed doesn't even get installed if
> you don't have the GUI editor installed).

I see.


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