libxfconf api changes

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Sun Jul 27 07:35:37 CEST 2008


Am Sat, 26 Jul 2008 18:17:18 -0700
schrieb "Brian J. Tarricone" <bjt23 at>:

> Hi guys,
> I've made a couple changes to libxfconf's API to make it easier to
> manage properties.  Nick wanted this for display profiles, but Jannis
> noted it would be useful for keybinding themes as well.
> xfconf_channel_get_all() has been renamed to
> GHashTable *xfconf_channel_get_properties(XfconfChannel *channel,
>                                           const gchar *property_base);
> Passing NULL or "/" for property_base will give you the old behavior.
> Passing a property name for property_base will give you the value of
> that property, and any sub-properties in the tree from that point.

It seems to work, but I noticed that when you pass NULL or "/" for
property_base, all property keys in the hash table will end up with a
prefix of two slashes, like '//<Alt>F2' instead of '/<Alt>F2'.

  - Jannis
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