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On Mon, 7 Jan 2008 19:19:33 +0200, "Liviu Andronic"
<landronimirc at> wrote:
> On 1/7/08, Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at> wrote:
>> Nice idea! Yeah, I guess we could do that. I've put it on the TODO list.
> Thanks. You might check the ML archives and a bug report. There was a
> patch some one-two years ago. It might be obsolete, or it might give
> you some ideas.

Ehm, what's wring with:
* amixer set "Master" 10%-
* amixer set "Master" 10%+
* amixer set "Master" toggle

...for decrease, increase and toggle mute?

Or is amixer not present on other platforms than Linux?


> Regards,
> Liviu
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