[proposal] New rodent Icons

Josh Saddler nightmorph at gentoo.org
Fri Apr 18 04:53:40 CEST 2008

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>>  Are these icons fit for the following mimetypes?
>> Personally I like the document and the spreadsheet one, but the
>> presentation icon is not very intuitive. It makes sense when I know
>> what it is, but if I was to spot this somewhere in thunar or on the
>> desktop with an obscure filename, I'm not sure I'd make the
>> connection.
> Yeah, I agree... maybe clone a (better-looking) version of the icon
> that MS Excel uses for the 'full screen slideshow' button/menu item?
> Not sure if OO.o uses the same icon; I thought so tho.  It kinda looks
> like a projection screen on a stand, or... something.

Same here; I was thinking it might look better if the two panes by the 
book were replaced with something resembling a big ol' chart on a stand, 
like the ol' days of paper presentations. :)

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