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Piter PUNK piterpk at
Wed Apr 9 01:50:09 CEST 2008

Stephan Arts wrote:
> I have some ideas about how the configuration-dialogs can be improved.
> But trying to write those for 4.6 would probably push back the release
> further. Therefore I agree with Brian that this is best to be
> considered for 4.8. As an alternative I will import my code to the
> goodies repositories (xfce4-settings-manager or something), you can
> then follow its development, and comment at it. And we can discuss if
> it is something for 4.8 or not.

Hmmmm... think about flexible geometry or scroll bars! -:)

Some configuration window are very hard to use in small screens,
like Asus eeePC and Intel ClassmatePC. And probably those small
machines will became more popular.

I use ClassmatePC and have problems to reach the "OK" and "Cancel"
buttons. Well... and some others that i don't remember now. Probably
scroll bars can solve it -:)

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