4.6 roadmap of sorts

Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Mon Apr 7 08:08:49 CEST 2008

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Wouldn't it better to choose a time based release cycle, a date we all
> agree so that we can then decide what can goes in and what cannot,
> depending on each developers availability and agenda.
> If something cannot make it in tome for 4.6, no big deal, it will
> hopefully make it in 4.8 but at least we shall have 4.6 out before
> everybody forgets about Xfce. But since we all know and agree on the
> date, we can arrange to make 4.6 stable even if this is not as feature
> rich as it was initially planned,

This has worked well for gnome and the linux kernel.

-- b

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