idea: new menu editor for xfce

Christian M bodiak at
Thu Apr 3 12:05:26 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new here but I've used XFCE for about a year now.
It's really a great desktop environment and I would like to
contribute some code :)

Here is my idea:

project definition:
A new menu editor or an enhancement of the current one.
The software is able to create, organize and edit desktopfiles for xfce.
This way each user can costumize his system menu.

at first this program only manages the system menu.
later the menu system (and maybe the desktop icons)
 can be completely transfered to the freedesktop standard(?).

the program uses the desktop-files in the ~/.local/share/applications/
If a "external" (outside this working dir) desktop-file should be changed
the tool will simply copy the file to it's working dir.
As the used dir always has the highest priority
this will overwrite the settings of other files with the same name.

features (similiar to gnomes alacarte):
-edit menu entries
-create menu entries
--add "locations" like in alacarte
-show a list of the available menu entries
-activate/deactivate entries
-delete costum entries
-show a list of the available and used categories

I would like to use glade and anjunta for coding as this handles the
gtk code quite nicely and keeps it away from the other code.

I'm a bit new to programming in C but I would like to give it a try.

What do you think? Any recommendations?


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