LVM physical volumes being show in desktop

Piter PUNK piterpk at
Tue Sep 18 05:34:09 CEST 2007


	I use xfce 4.4.1 with HAL. And i have one external USB-HDD
with an LVM infra-structure inside (eight PVs with 10GB each one).
When i plug that Harddrive, all eight partitions are in my desktop!!!
This is terrible annoying.

	Talking with HAL developers, they said the only devices
that need to be show in desktop are the one with
volume.fsusage=filesystem. The LVM PVs have volume.fsusage=raid.

	I don't know where i need to change in xfce4 code to
correct this behavior. Most of HAL code are in exo-hal.c, but
i don't know how it interfaces with xfdesktop and thunar.

	Hope someone here can help, or pointing where to change or
fixing that behavior.


							Piter PUNK

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