Why does xfce-mcs-manager setsid?

Christian Kastner techmail at kvr.at
Tue Sep 11 23:45:29 CEST 2007


I'm using libpam-mount to mount/umount my encrypted home directory on
login/logout. libpam-mount refuses to close an encrypted device when it
is still in use - this is what's happening to me.

>From libpam-mount's debug output, I could see that xfce-mcs-manager (and
gam_server and xscreensaver, but I'll figure those out later) are still
accessing $HOME (eg cwd, .xsession-errors). The reason they are still
hanging around is because they all run with their own SID instead of
x-session-manager's (here: xfce4-session).

Looking at xfce-mcs-manager.c, I can see that this is intentional, but I
couldn't figure out why. Could someone elaborate on this?


Christian Kastner
PGP Key: AE90E13F

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