[Xfce4-commits] r26151 - Switch to libwnck.

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 13:45:31 CEST 2007

2007/10/20, Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at gmail.com>:
> Hurrah! Thanks Nick! That's really a step ahead!

Well I might look like a step ahead, but too much internal stuff
changed inside the panel to be really happy. We've decided to switch,
so better start it as soon as possible, but things might be a bit ugly
until all bugs have been fixed.

> So in a nutshell, I have to change some part of code that I was ve happy
> with and that proved to be solid... :( I need to come up with a simple
> and solid implementation that works the way libwnck expect it...

Or fix wnck ;).

There is also a warning printed by wnck-taskbar:
 Wnck-WARNING **: Property _NET_WM_NAME contained invalid UTF-8

This warning is only printed when xfwm4 runs, so maybe you have an
invisible event window in your code with an invalid title (I've tried
settings the window title in myScreenInit, but that didn't fixed the
Maybe it's something else, duno, but maybe you have an idea.


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